d00b meaning and definition

d00b meaning

d00b is slang for a joint or a spliff. Tramps and strange fucked up children smoke this.

d00b meaning

An emoticon that represents a face listening to music trough headphones.

d00b meaning

d00d + n00b. Used as an insult

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d00bage meaning

What you smoke when your a rasta hax0r.

d00d meaning

Dude in leet.

d00d3r meaning

d00d a way of calling someone

d00de meaning

A word/number that is interchangeable with the word dude. Used by computer nerds or people on AIM wishing to piss eacher off.

d00der meaning

dude, dudette, etc......................

d00dz meaning

An affected form of the term "dude", used to refer to men.

d00gar meaning

A mix between a shemale and a cougarShemale is a man with a woman body Cougar is a 35+ year old female who is on the "hunt" for a much younger, energetic, willing-to-do-anything male.

d00j meaning

a mixture of mary jane and bologna

d00k meaning

1. You know like... D-Stain!!! 2. Completely taking a crap on someone (in gaming terms) 3. A tomahawk kill in Black Ops (verb) 4. A tomahawk (noun)

d00l meaning

1. To duel, a slang for the word "duel" in certain Collectable Card Games such as "Duel Monsters" and "Duel Masters". 2. The Farsi language for the word: "penis".