d00der meaning and definition

d00der meaning

dude, dudette, etc......................

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d00dz meaning

An affected form of the term "dude", used to refer to men.

d00gar meaning

A mix between a shemale and a cougarShemale is a man with a woman body Cougar is a 35+ year old female who is on the "hunt" for a much younger, energetic, willing-to-do-anything male.

d00j meaning

a mixture of mary jane and bologna

d00k meaning

1. You know like... D-Stain!!! 2. Completely taking a crap on someone (in gaming terms) 3. A tomahawk kill in Black Ops (verb) 4. A tomahawk (noun)

d00l meaning

1. To duel, a slang for the word "duel" in certain Collectable Card Games such as "Duel Monsters" and "Duel Masters". 2. The Farsi language for the word: "penis".