D100 meaning and definition

D100 meaning

A nick name applied to Dr Dan Poulter, Minister for Health in the UK coalition Government that took office in 2010. The epithet emerged after Dr Poulter's apparently spurious claims to have regularly worked over 100hours per week when training as a junior doctor. This would have been illegal following the European Working Time Directive (EWT) and exposed the hospitals Dr Poulter worked for to considerable fines.

D100 meaning

a 100 sided die, specifically used in RPGs The d100 was invented by Lou Zocchi, and is patented as the "Zocchihedron". Although the d100 is not a true polyhedra, it is a sphere with 100 surfaces. There can be somewhat of a learning curve for reading the Zocchihedron correctly, but... It's much geekier to roll a d100 for a percentage rolls than 2 d10's.

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d11n meaning

Short form of word 'documentation'. '11' means eleven omitted letters (o, c, u, m, ...) between first d and last n.

D12 meaning

A twelve sided die used most often in tabletop roleplaying games.

D12DickRider meaning

Someone who rides Dwight Howard's dick so hard it makes it difficult for him to run up and down the court.

D12 World meaning

Eminem's new rapping boy band. Their new single is 'My Band.' The members include Bizarre, Eminem, Kon Artis, Swift, Proof, and Kuniva. They are all African American except for Eminem

D-1337 meaning

A person who is not 1337. The opposite of 1337. Someone "unleet".