d22 meaning and definition

d22 meaning

D22 is a synthetic drug off the streets of northern California ganing popularity for its stimulant nature and innability to be tested for.

d22 meaning

A grey hat synthetic drug from california, teetering on the brink of legality. A stimulant in nature focusing and honing the mind.

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D2B meaning

adj. A ready and willing potential sex partner. Abbreviation for "down to bone."

d2bd meaning

dare to be different

d2bid meaning

down to blow it down

D2 Boner meaning

The kind of massive raging boner that you can only get when visiting the D2 Dining Hall at Virginia Tech. If you go to D2 and you don't have a boner then you must have a vagina.

D2C meaning

Abbreviation for "Dick To Clit". A phrase coined by a legend who currently resides in Lansing, IL. It is performed by taking your erect penis and slapping it against a clitoris. Often portayed in porno's, this act is often used by this legend during sexual intercourse with a bitty.

D2D meaning

when two males makes contact with anothers genital parts.

D2DG meaning

Delicious 2D Girls. A phrase reserved for men and women with a taste for only the highest quality of femininity, which is that of the 2D girl (A.K.A. an anime character).

d2e meaning

Down to earth, Sensible Practical

D2F meaning

Down to fuck a phrase used when talking to you guy friends about girls and not having them know anything about it

D2FC meaning

D2FC =Death to Furfags Coalitiona somwhat wannabe trolling group with itś specialisation on furfags the group got most attention in the time middle 2009 early 2010 this group was born and died on youtubethe group is mostly known for dieing and being reborn at least 4times a weekmember are easy spotted by their srsbuiz hate towards furriesafter their leader gave his command to a bi/gay closet furqueer the group was reformed as the D2MA/D2MB and in the time of the second furryskirmish a furrysection (LOLWUT) D2MT was foundedafter the new commander ran away crying for moar yiff a zionist extremist took overthe group is mostly inactive and goes under the name Lightbringer nowadays