D2FG meaning and definition

D2FG meaning

D2FG is a forum service hosted freely by Jcink forum boards that is a complete rip off of d2jsp.org. They try to copy everything on the site even though they cannot get their hands on the code.

D2FG meaning

D2FG is a Diablo 2 trading site dedicated to making game trading more safer. Scamming is made more difficult by adding the Trading Forums and Mediators before any D2 items are handed over. The use of Forum Gold is implemented into the site to make trading fun.

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D2G meaning

Day to go

D2GD meaning

Down To Get Down; thirsty; wanting to fuck

d2j meaning

Death to Jews.

d2jsp meaning

d2jsp is an embedded implementation of a JavaScript engine for executing user program code (scripts) inside Diablo II. d2jsp can be used to make Diablo II do almost anything that can be done in the game by a human player, and some things (such as knowing the immunities of monsters four screens away) that cannot. d2jsp does not attempt to exploit any bugs in Diablo II's programming, the Battle.net protocol, or the Battle.net servers.

D2K meaning

The most elite korean killing organization of all time.