d2jsp meaning and definition

d2jsp meaning

d2jsp is an embedded implementation of a JavaScript engine for executing user program code (scripts) inside Diablo II. d2jsp can be used to make Diablo II do almost anything that can be done in the game by a human player, and some things (such as knowing the immunities of monsters four screens away) that cannot. d2jsp does not attempt to exploit any bugs in Diablo II's programming, the Battle.net protocol, or the Battle.net servers.

d2jsp meaning

A group of people who take the game Diablo II much too seriously. Users may purchase "forum gold" and buy virtual items. These people are often new players and are easily scammed. D2jsp is managed by a group of people who log on the game once per month to perm the free items that "riders" give them for spending long hours browsing page after page.

d2jsp meaning

A website once devoted to botters and coders/scripters, it has changed into a trade website only, censoring anything to do with third party programs.The website owes everything it has to its original origins, however it ignores them completely.The website is ran off of donations, the selling of virtual currency in reality. Users who donate get a set amount of FG depending on how much they spend.The website was once helpful and supportful to the coders but now its just a cesspool of trolls and "big kids"With the release of Diablo 3 coming up D2JSP's days of usefulness are numbered, as of September 27th 2011 D2JSP has 649,896 registered accounts, although over half of them are scammer accounts or never logged in to begin with, in truth the active user amount is about 22,000The community is a terrible one, full of trolls and idiots/scammers.The staff is undermined and combating scammers is almost impossible, they run amok.The site is nothing like it used to be, anyone from the old days has long sold there accounts for real world currency, users who were once known as coders are now just troll kids with big trade reputations.

d2jsp meaning

Nerd Central.Anyone who thumbs down this is in fact, a D2jsp nerd.

d2jsp meaning

a good trading forum and fun place to talk, but it is ruined by stupid moderators and the admin, njaguar. i scammed 2 years ago and repaid the scams. i been a good member and my gold should be unlocked. for some unknown reason the fucking moderators just ignore me now......NJAGUAR GET SOME BETTER MODS TO RUN THE SITE YOU LAZY FUCKING DOUCHE BAG, I REPAID MY SCAMS WITH AND YOUR MODS JUST IGNORE ME? I SHOULD OF BEEN UNLOCKED LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, FUCK U AND UR DEAD SON.

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D2K meaning

The most elite korean killing organization of all time.

d2l meaning

Short of Diablo 2 Legends. D2L is a spinoff of the larger, stronger, and more popular clan BHL. D2L was created when various BHL members were kicked or demoted from the clan due to inactivity or scamming their clan-mates.

D2M meaning

D2M acroynym for Dead to Me, meaning your pissed/annoyed with someone so they no longer exist in your world, you shut them out.

d2me meaning

It's a saying Michael Amato started. It means "Dead to Me".

d2mr meaning

Death Too Muff Rat A saying to dump your girlfriend if she has a big muff

d2nt meaning

Diablo II bot. Currently version 1.8.5.

d2p meaning

down to party

d2pk meaning

A Diablo 2 Server run by some guy and was previously Owned/Raped/Smashed ect. by The Thermanator, Dane.

D2R meaning

short for Dance Dance Revolution, not a popular term for it on the west coast, its mostly a east coast deal.

D2S meaning

Acronym for "dick to suck"