d3fx meaning and definition

d3fx meaning

a place were geeks hang out

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d3 head meaning

When you are terrible at suckin dick.(D1 great D3 you fucking suck)

d3l337 meaning

1) N. Opposite of the "l337 speak" word l337. Not in good standing, poor performance, uncool or uncouth. 2) V. To show the loss of one's l337 status. d3l337 is not to be confused with "d3l3373" which would imply the deletion of a file.

d3rp meaning

a nerd or geek in which derped. such as when a nerdy person does something odd or wierd, a comment "d3rp" is used. Derived from 1337 (leet). and combined leet with derp to make d3rp. In my experience, d3rp the (or teh/t3h/th3) d3rp!

d3th meaning

d3th, acronym direct dynamic dristrobution heritage and trust. 1) A faild wealth management system. 2) A prime bank plan used to defraud ic mafia 3) A modern robin hood. often used as an online screen name for non official opperatives and controlls.

d3wd meaning

it's l33t speak for saying dewd