d4d meaning and definition

d4d meaning

Down For Dome, down for head, meaning she is one of those girls who are willing to get on their knees

d4d meaning

an abbreviation of Down For Dick meaning that the person could go for a good 'ol fuck

d4d meaning


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D4F meaning

Deperate for friendsWhen someone will do anything for anyone because he/she needs friendsWhen someone does something drastic/stupid to gain friends

D4F7 meaning

Alternate spelling for the word daft, commonly used when describing something awesome or insane. Made popular in a Pennsylvania high school.

d4 head meaning

d4 heads,posh dublin southsiders who have developed the "d4 acsent",a d4 head doesnt have to be from d4,just has to sound posh,wear designer clothes, go to a private school,and live on the southside-all things along those lines,the guys tend to play rugby.the girls sometimes play hockey.

D4L meaning

Had Beef with Dem Franchise boys about some crappy dance they made up. Let me put it this way...They both fucking suck and will die out once people stop buying the shit they put out. Incomprehensible fucks whose vocab consists of Laffy and Taffy. Possibly the worse Track ever Ghostface thought they were such a disgrace he was left with no other option than to rape them on a track called 'The Champ'

D4lt meaning

D4lt, doinit 4 the lulz.Because if you didnt, it wouldnt be d4lt.

D4M meaning

Down for me. Used meaning that the subject wants to 'get with' you. Can be used sarcastically or honestly.

d4mn meaning

Same as damn, but with some 1337. Often considered less vulgar.

d4nk meaning

Pronounced Like: DANK A really hot girl.

d4nk 4lph4b3t meaning

The alphabet for dank kids.4-b-c-d-3-f-g-h1-j-k-l-m-n-0-p-q-r-s-t-u-v-w-x-y-zThe d4nk alphapet uses a lot of capitals, and exclamation marks.The ¨why¨is yThe ¨you¨ is uThe ¨for¨is 4, to not confuse with 4 being a.The z is commonly found.You will also see alot of abreviations.

d4nny meaning

A troubled transexual who can't seem to find her way. She tries to fit in but this city engulfs her. She ends up chopping her dick off and sends it to her prostitute boy toy but he doesn't see the love that she put into her dick charity. She vlogs on the weekends about her triumphs in her week and then tells the audience a little about how her struggle for love continues.