d4rcon meaning and definition

d4rcon meaning

he plays jka and likes to piss off Tween the nub:) see noob

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D4rkswrdsmn meaning

1. A person who ranges the hell out of someone until they're dead. 2. Best ranger in the world!

D4s meaning

People from Dublin 4. Posh area, people that wear dubarrys or abercrombie are usually called D4's. An insult to people from other places or "posh" people.

d4 squared meaning

southside area of dublin - upper rathfarnham/ knocklyon/ ballyboden/ ballinteer etc.. rich southside areas other than dublin 4. referred to as "d4squared". Big houses, big cars and loaded daddys. they come in- a) the "rocker" getup.. tight black jeans, studded belt, band tee, etc and moan about how hard life is being rich AND in a band. GAWWWD. or b) your typical d4 (see d4 head)..uggs-wearing, dubes-toting, abercrombie,sparkly belt,and face full of make up.

d 4 t meaning

Used on video-chat sites such as stickam mean Dick for Tits. Used when a user would like to trade images of their dick with images of the recipient's breasts.

d4tc meaning

Down For The Count.When someone(or something) gets hits/slammed/knocked out/"pwned"/etc.Originally a boxing term.Also, dftc.