E21 meaning and definition

E21 meaning

Chassis designation for BMW vehicle designed for use as a farm vehicle in an attempt to diversify into developing 3rd world countries such New Zealand and South Africa. Extremely popular vehicle in these countries because their owners are delusional enough to think there is a genetic link to BMW's most successful car ever, the BMW 6 series. The E21 was replaced in 1981 with the even more popular E30 - a vehicle which was innovative in it's time for having a power takeoff as well as harnesses so it could be hitched to draught horses.

E21 meaning

Chassis designation used to identify BMW 3 series cars (bimmer not beemer), 1976 to 1982. Like the 315, 316, 318, 318i, 320i, 320/6 and 323i.

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E211 meaning

It's a preservative used in eg. tomato ketchup

E 233rd St meaning

A street in the Bronx that runs from Van Cortlandt Park in Woodlawn all the way to Boston Post Road.

E24 meaning

Undeniably the best ever car built by BMW. This coupe has a proven racing pedigree, having won at Bathurst, NSW, against the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon. Owners are typically intelligent people with a unique but admired sense of style. Most E30 owners aspire to owning one one day as these are the true cult car, however their dreams are usually unfulfilled. Looks best in zinnoberrot and "moneybags green".

e28 meaning

chassis code for 1982-1988 BMW 5 series

E2B2 meaning

A version of R2D2 that has been modified for apperance.The version is now blue and has a moustache of authority!!

E2D meaning

E2D stands for "easy to demote". People who are E2D are incapable of holding jobs and are often demoted if they do mange to get one. Due to their reputation, they often receive poor offers when applying for jobs.

E2-D2 meaning

It's when you eat two girls then dick the same 2 girls.

E2E meaning

entry to employment, education

E2FOO meaning


e2o meaning

when you have been amazed, shocked and impressed by someone