E36 meaning and definition

E36 meaning

BMW 3-series generation brought to US from `92-`98 which included the 318i, 323i, 325i, and 328i. The coupes had an "S" at the end, ex. "325is." M3's came to US from `95-`99. The 318ti, a hatchback model, was offered from `95-`99.

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E3 Booth Babe meaning

A sexy-ass, candy-eye lady, with high hells and colorful clothes on paid to please the nerdy generation of gamers at a large-popular gaming convention held every year. The likelihood of a booth babe stored on a personal computer of a male gamer is 99.9% positive. As booth babes, their title can be quite hard - 'AND?!' To get off, some male spectators at a gaming event can be seen lurking with cameras, stalking the perimeter of the booth babe victim with a nervous rush. 1% of them are ACTUAL gamers.

e3ekiel meaning

A most peculiar creature. Sapping the life from its innocent and guillable victims. Moves its way through its prey without guilt or true emotion. In short, a liar.

E3gasm meaning

Where everything good is getting announced at E3 and it's just a little too much for the Gamer to handle.(Let's just forget about Microsoft for now.)

e4 meaning

the most popular opening move in chess where the pawn immediately in front of the king moves two spaces forward. it immediately gains control of the center and also frees the queen and king's bishop. at the same time, it places a pawn on an undefended square and weakens d4 and f4. a response of 1...e5 results in an open game.

e-40 meaning

A Bay Area Rapper from Vallejo, California. He's a real good rapper and is one reason why the Yay Area contributes so much to hip-hop slang.