EABOD meaning and definition

EABOD meaning

Acronym for "Eat A Bag Of Dicks".

EABOD meaning

Acronym for "Eat a back of dicks."

EABOD meaning

Acronym; Eat A Bowl Of Dick; pronounced "EE-uh-bodd"

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EABOF meaning

"Eat a Bowl of Fuck"

Eaboo meaning

Someone who is obsessed with Western culture and attempts to act and identify as such though being from a culture that is far from it. Usually uses a large amount of improper English to various people and tend to appropriate various misconceptions and stereotypes; thus acting like an asshole to many of their neighbors and peers. They are the eastern version of a weeaboo that Western culture has readily identified.

Eabos meaning

eat a bag of shit

EABRO meaning

Eat A Big Red One. Similar in use to ESAD

EAC meaning

An abbreviation for Evil Atheist Conspiracy, popular on Internet discussion fora.