e-affectionate meaning and definition

e-affectionate meaning

Affection expressed via internet.

e-affectionate meaning

Being affectionate via internet.

e-affectionate meaning

What happened to Ned Beatty in the movie "Deliverance".

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eaffle meaning

a bird in Latin America that is spreading across the whole world. The have a remarkable taste, much like the 'waffle'.

eafo meaning

Eat A Fat One


When two lovers are so horny 24/7 all they do is EAT, FUCK, and SLEEP.

eag meaning

to be a beast, a dominant force in the human race and in all aspects of life, to be incredible.Antonyms: Tha Suz, non-eags, g-men fans.

eagal meaning

Its a eagle but you suck at spelling... Really? man you Suck! at spelling

ea games meaning

Monolithic games company which acquires talent instead of breeding it. 1. Responsible for shipping their games with crippling DRM. 2. Most of their games are souless cloneless advertising vehicles regurgitated at least once a year, every year.

eagan meaning

To pretend to come from London city, but you are actually from an outside suburb.

Eagan, Minnesota meaning

A city in southwestern Minnesota where females believe shaving of their bodies is a sin.

Eagan Vice meaning

A fictional TV show that is set in cold city of Eagan in Minnesota, it will be about two vice cops Sonny Cockette and Dickardo Flubbs, who keep an eye out for immoral activities in the city, but also make out in the squad car. A cop-comedy-action show.

eagarian meaning

The language spoken by the Eaganites see also Eaganites, eager