E46 meaning and definition

E46 meaning

BMW 3-series generation brought to US from `99-`05 which included the 323i/328i (`99-`00) and 325i/330i (`01-`05). The coupes/converitables had a "C" before the i, ex. "330ci." M3's came to US from `01-`06. The wagon in 323i (`00) or 325i (`01-`05) form was also offered. Wagons may be referred to as 323iT/325iT.

E46 meaning

It's not just a car, it's a lifestyle

E46 meaning

Chassis code for BMW 3 series from 1999-2005

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e46fanatics meaning

An automobile enthusiast forum for the BMW 3-series model designated E46. It is a vibrant and active community populated exclusively by homosexuals, closeted homosexuals, and 4ngie. The Off Topic section is notable for the fact that there are more closed threads per day than allowed ones, most likely due to Lance Bass lookalike SollyD's nonstop efforts to procure e-gaysex and special-needs student Rennturk's epic failing.

E 4 L meaning

Emo for Life. Emo boys that think their life's are so hard, that they have to die their hair black and barrow thier girlfriends pants.

E4-Mafia meaning

Upper-Junior Enlisted Army soldiers with loyalties in protecting all E-1 through E-4 against the seemingly unstoppable power of the NCO support channel.Often the biggest contributor in spreading false information around the unit, and the leading reason Specialists evade doing mundane dirty work.

E4tMyPower meaning

"E4tMyPower" is phrase used more commonly in online games such as RuneScape, when one player fucks over another player. E4t_My_Power is also the RuneScape username of a prooo PeeKayer. <3

E5 meaning

Nickname for Edwin Encarnacion of the Toronto Blue Jays, a play on words conflating his E.E. initials with the scorer's notation for an error (E) by the third baseman (position 5). Reflects his astounding propensity for committing fielding errors.