EAB meaning and definition

EAB meaning

An acronym "Eat a Bagel" from the Lonely Island comedy album, Incredibad. It comes from the song called "Like a Boss".

EAB meaning

acronym - estate agent bullshit

EAB meaning

(N.) Eat Ass Bae Similar to an EAP (Eat Ass Prey) except one step ahead of the game. All EABs start as EAPs. In order for an EAP to become an EAB the EAP must react positively to your pursuit and agree to hookup with you.An EAB may even begin to pursue you first afterward. Side Note: Keep pushing for the ass eating. Even a blind squirrel gets a nut sometimes.

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EABA meaning

(abbr.) End All Be All

EABBD meaning

This is an acronym for Eat A Bag of Baby Dicks.Made popular by Animated TV Series Boondocks. It is also a higher level of EAD. The whole Bag and Baby aspect not only confuses one but it also makes a statement because the current price of a Bag of Baby Dicks has gone down with this struggling economy.

eabbit meaning

1. another word for rabbit 2. thee cooolest people on earth

EABBOF meaning

Eat A Big Bowl Of Fuck

eabcos meaning

Eat A Bitch Cat or Something