Eabha meaning and definition

Eabha meaning

A sexy mofo who knows where it's at. She is prone to trolling and is highly majestical. Errbody loves her.

Eabha meaning

A kind Irish girl who is shy when you are new to her, but once you get to know her she opens up she will always make you laugh and think about the most random things. If you get one in your life, never let her go.

Eabha meaning

wee ginger, holds a strong resembellence to gretchin from the hit tv show 'recess!' Eabha is always assosciated with the name Gemma Kelly. enjoys beatin' around the bush...in other words getting her game on with the D! she is mad craic 08 and 09.. a pure wee amaze babe.. who loves the craic jist, and bums the bakery. Eabha is the biggest babe ever.

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Eabhin meaning

Someone who regularly flicks the bean

EABJM meaning

Ecole Active Bilingue Jeannine Manuel - An international school of Paris gathering the most intelligent minds of more than 60 countries in the world. Virtually impossible to get into from Kindergarten to High School unless you are a genius who speaks at least 5 different languages.

EABMS meaning

Extremely Angry Black Man Syndrome. Pronounced "e-yah-bums" A more extreme verison of "ABMS" (Angry Black Man Syndrome)For when someone gets very angry, like a violent black person.

EABN meaning

Eat All Banana Nuts

EABOD meaning

Acronym for "Eat a back of dicks."

EABOF meaning

"Eat a Bowl of Fuck"

Eaboo meaning

Someone who is obsessed with Western culture and attempts to act and identify as such though being from a culture that is far from it. Usually uses a large amount of improper English to various people and tend to appropriate various misconceptions and stereotypes; thus acting like an asshole to many of their neighbors and peers. They are the eastern version of a weeaboo that Western culture has readily identified.

Eabos meaning

eat a bag of shit

EABRO meaning

Eat A Big Red One. Similar in use to ESAD

EAC meaning

An abbreviation for Evil Atheist Conspiracy, popular on Internet discussion fora.