eactly meaning and definition

eactly meaning

a lazy nonchalant version of exactly, precisely... a sign of indefinite need for sleep when your fingers are too tired to type and x is neglected - your body is crying out for attention the britney spears of typing errors

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E-Actor meaning

Someone who acts like someone they're not in real life.

Eaculmflabelgast meaning

(ea-culm-flable-gast) Anything that can be,is,and will be AWSOME. Like if its a free car its eaculmflabelgasting or if your doctor tells you you dont have testicular cancer he's an eaculmflabelgaster.This word is like fuck you can use it as almost any part of a sentance(and yes you can eaculmflabelgast,or be an eaculmflabelgaster).Try that for impressing.

EAD meaning

E. A. D. is an Acronym for "eat a dick."

eadad meaning

eadad or eat a dick and die.

eadan meaning

A small but actually tall child, who constantly makes puns that somehow progressively get worse after every encounter. His one talent is his ability to turn off all of the girls in is surrounding area. He cannot spit bars for his life, although he feels the need to follow up every bad pun he makes with "badoom chish"