eadad meaning and definition

eadad meaning

eadad or eat a dick and die.

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eadan meaning

A small but actually tall child, who constantly makes puns that somehow progressively get worse after every encounter. His one talent is his ability to turn off all of the girls in is surrounding area. He cannot spit bars for his life, although he feels the need to follow up every bad pun he makes with "badoom chish"

EADB meaning

Eat A Dick Bitch Abbreviation commonly used when insulting someone over the internet, whether it be in a chatroom or in a video game that does not allow voice communication.

EADD meaning

someone suffering from extreme ADD. It's used when someone acts like an idiot.

eaddp meaning

eat a doo doo pie. commonly used when you are talking to complete fucktards. can also be used in conjuction with "i hate your face"

Eade meaning

Typically, the last name of gay blonde kids. Usually drives girl cars.