eadie meaning and definition

eadie meaning

Can be beautiful at times but also has a dark side. She will stab u in the back but will help u heal the wound. She is usually a arrogant bitchy person and will be one of those popular ones. They are usually brunettes with bright eyes. If u ever become friends with one be careful what u say! They are beautiful on the outside and all the boys fall for them!

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Eadin meaning

He is an amazing person all around. He is going through stuff you might not know about. Respect him, cherish him, and love him. Why? Because he is one of a kind.

Eading meaning

To eat a book.

Eadit meaning

The combination of the words "Eat it" when speaking in slang it sounds like one word.

eadmf meaning

Acronym for Eat A Dick, Mother Fucker.

eadn meaning

Eadn stands for EAT A DICK NIGGA

EADO meaning

East Downtown of Houston

Eadoh meaning

A true man; a sex god. Charms women by playing his saxophone shirtless. Loves music and is never afraid to sing along, beatbox, or air guitar to a song. He often insults his friends with strange nicknames such as Lamppost Toe, and in anger may threaten to punch a baby, but in all honesty he is one of the nicest people around.His name is rare, so you are lucky to know an Eadoh.

Eadon meaning

Eadons are Israeli men, whose parents mispelled their name, who are the epitome of awesome. Most Eadons struggle to cope with their sexiness, yet spend much of their time reaping the benefits of their innate majestic aura. The best definition, all the while appreciating the limits of the English language, is: Idans are the quintessential men.Note: Eadon may even be used as an adjective.

eadong meaning

to be extremely stupid, rude, and backish

EADU meaning

An acronym short for "eat a dick up."