Eading meaning and definition

Eading meaning

To eat a book.

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Eadit meaning

The combination of the words "Eat it" when speaking in slang it sounds like one word.

eadmf meaning

Acronym for Eat A Dick, Mother Fucker.

eadn meaning

Eadn stands for EAT A DICK NIGGA

EADO meaning

East Downtown of Houston

Eadoh meaning

A true man; a sex god. Charms women by playing his saxophone shirtless. Loves music and is never afraid to sing along, beatbox, or air guitar to a song. He often insults his friends with strange nicknames such as Lamppost Toe, and in anger may threaten to punch a baby, but in all honesty he is one of the nicest people around.His name is rare, so you are lucky to know an Eadoh.