F-150 meaning and definition

F-150 meaning

Best Selling Light Truck for over 50 years. Manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. Arch nemisis of the Chevy Silverado. Hoe wagon, for picking up hoes and putting them in the bed.

F-150 meaning

Fords most popular F-Series Pickup. First Debuted in 1975, the F150 model filled the gap between the F100 ranger and the F250. The F150 was a half ton truck that was more powerful than the ranger and less expensive than the F250. The F150 became most popular in 1992-1996 with several new features. such as a new face lift for the front end which gave the front of the truck a more aerodynamic look, also revised was the tail gate and instrument panel. Later in 92 the Flareside edition returned. In 1993 The "custom" trim package became the "XL" package and the aptly named "Lightning was introduce with a 240 HP 5.8 V8 The 1994 model was more involved in saftey it was the first equipped with driver side airbag, side door intrusion beams and also introduced a High mount 3rd brake light. The F150 came in 3 cab styles - regulal, supercab or crewcab and offered XL, XLT and XLT Lariat Trim.engines offered were 4.9 EFI Inline 6, 5.0 EFI V8, 5.8 EFI V8, 7.3 Diesel, 7.3 Turbo Diesel, and a 7.5 EFI V8 In 1995 The Eddie Bauer Edition was introduced as top of the line. 1996 was the demise of 2 models - the Lightning and the flareside. 97 was the year ford decided to update the look of the F150 which kept its look until 2000 when they introduced the Harley edition to the F150 Line. the look remained until 2003 when they changed over to the new design currently on the road today. which has the classic rounded headlights once again like the old 70's pickups.

F-150 meaning

Best hotbox car known to man, especially the single cab.

F-150 meaning

A powerful truck which scares ricers of off the roadway.

F-150 meaning

The best selling truck in America for the past 26 years, the best selling VEHICLE in America for the past 21 years.

F-150 meaning

A truck built by ford , that is for nothing but people with mullets and have no life.

F-150 meaning

A Ford Pick-up Truck that is completely useless in every way. Firstly, because the engine is huge so it does about three feet to the gallon, given the wind is behind it. Also, because the truck is so heavy and unaerodynamic its performance resembles continental drift. It has a ladder chassis, basically the kind of technology recognized by a 19th century mining contractor. The interior is so badly put together that there are gaps everywhere. There is huge play in the steering; turn the wheel one way or the other slightly and nothing will happen. The open back also is a perfect opportunity for people to steal your belongings. Yet people still by them...

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F150 bud meaning

Clarification, another word for yes

F-16 meaning

The Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon is a multirole jet fighter aircraft originally developed by General Dynamics for the United States Air Force. Designed as a lightweight, daytime Visual Flight Rules (VFR) fighter, it evolved into a successful multirole aircraft. The Falcon's versatility is a paramount reason it has proven a success on the export market, having been selected to serve in the air forces of 25 nations.

F-18 meaning

Charlie Sheen's fighter plane of choice that most of the time--including naps--he claims to be when destroying you in the air, or deploying his ordnance to the ground.

F-18 Hornet meaning

noun The F-18 Hornet is widelt used by the United States Military. Mainly in the Navy, and Marines. The F-18 is a multi-role attack fighter jet. Twin engine. Very manuverable, and has one of the utmost feared wepoanry systems.

F1 Blessing meaning

When religious leaders from various faiths come together annually to pray for the Singapore Grand Prix and to bless the Formula One night race.

F1 Buddy meaning

The annoying little paper-clip that pops up while using a Microsoft Office program. It can also be summoned manually using the F1 key.

F1 Celebration meaning

An 'F1 Celebration' is when one masturbates in front of one's respective missus, and then proceeds to insert one's finger into one's japs eye the moment prior to ejaculation. Once in the appropriate position one continues to masturbate and achieves a phenomenon that causes ejaculate to spray over one's missus. This is so called an F1 Celebration because of the similar nature in which a winning racing driver sprays his colleagues and competitors with Champagne.

F1 F1 meaning

F1 F1 is the equivalent to saying "Roger That." It originated from the PC game Battlefield 1942. The "F command keys" were used to relay commands critical to synchronous attacking and defending. By pressing F1 on the keyboard in-game it would take you to the next stage where if you pressed F1 again your character would exclaim, "Roger That." If you pressed F2 you would say, "Negative." There are over 20 orders you can say.

F1 Finish meaning

the Money shot at the end of a Porn sequence where 3 guys 'arrive' at the same time all over one (or more) chicks (or guy) by emptying their cocks- in a similar way to the Podium finish of a Grand Prix race

F1mclaren2 meaning

An Old School Hybrid/Dharok Pker from 2005-2007. Is also known for his Bounty Hunter Crater trademark outfit, Full verac, infinity boots, backpack, armadyl godsword, and his glitched 75+ specs.