F1337 meaning and definition

F1337 meaning

a group or clan of expert gamers

F1337 meaning

Combination of Fucking and 1337. Emphasized even more as an entire fleet of 1337's. Originated by my own slurring of words.

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F-14 meaning

The F-14 is definatly the best fighter/interceptor/bomber/ other wise known as multi mission fighter. It is launched off of a carryer deck it has 2 GE engines (wit after burrner so it can out run an irqi on a camel prety good haha). It is the best plane prob ever in production the F-18 is a piece of shit why the first George Bush made Grumman to discontinue it is beyond me. But it is still in service and it is orders of magnitude better then the f-18

F-14 Tomcat meaning

One of America's most beloved, iconic, and revered fighter planes. Accoladed for its beautiful and sleek lines and intimidating posture and form the F-14 Tomcat was also one of the most feared aviation weapons of the 20th century. Sadly, this venerable jet fighter was retired way too early being the unfortunate victim in all too common defense contract politics. Known for its Mach 2 speed and remarkable air combat maneuvering ability the Tomcat was feared mostly for it's ability to carry and fire the famous AIM-54 "Phoenix" missile capable of Mach 5 and knocking out an aircraft up to 100 miles away. One of the greatest interceptors the F-14 was no slouch duking it out in a knifefight in a phoone booth. Plenty of times US AirForce jet jockeys were amazingly beat in mock dogfights when Tomcats were inivted to RedFlag excercises. In the Tomcat's later years the Navy found the mighty jet to be useful for laser guided strategic bombing, earning the nickname, "Bombcat". Unfortunately, then Sec of Defense Dick Cheney had his hand in the demise of Grumman's utimate fighter jet by ending the contract for this amazing jet and ordered Grumman to destroy the tooling denying there ever being even a remote chance that production could ever resume on the Tomcat. Many in the fighter community sincerely believe Cheney's pockets were lined with mounds and mounds of Boeing money so that their F/A-18 Super Hornet would replace Grumman's F-14 as the Navy's frontline fighter and strike attack aircraft. Ironically when contracts were up for grabs back in early 90's between Boeing and Grumman for the front line Navy jet the Tomcat routinely showed it was far better and more capable in most of the key critical requirements, such as thrust to weight ratio, range, armament, sheer speed, climb to altitude, rate of turn and sustainability, ability to use energy better in dogfights. The only areas where the SuperBug bested the mighty Cat was in advanced avionics, ease of flying, and the most obvious, ease of maintenance. Unfortunately, despite the evidence supporting the Tomcat's superiority and ability to upgrade to equal avionics as the SH, our Defense department went with Boeing. The Super Hornet is a great fighter jet, it's just not a Tomcat, or a F-15 Eagle. Ask former Tomcat aviators who now fly the F/A-18 E/F and they'll tell you they feel the power and might of the Tomcat would give them the upper hand in almost any hostile situation and feel the Tomcat should have resumed production and also feel that Grumman could have easily worked at the maintenance aspect. They do praise the Super Hornet for it's world class avionics, tremendous ease of maintenance, and are impressed by how easy it is to fly and maneuver in a dogfight. They feel the Super Hornet could almost equal the Tomcat if they received much more powerful engines. The Dept of Defense is working towards that goal. Although the Super Hornet will eventually get closer to the awesomeness of the Tomcat, it just won't ever be as loved like the F-14 was for it's beauty and cult following status.

f-15 meaning

The F-15 Eagle is the US armed forces' top air superiority fighter - it has never been defeated by an enemy aircraft. The F-15 can carry short/medium range A2A missiles and guided/unguided A2G weapons. It's also armed with a 20mm cannon. F-15's are only operated by the US, Israel, Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia.

F-150 meaning

A powerful truck which scares ricers of off the roadway.

F150 bud meaning

Clarification, another word for yes

F-16 meaning

The Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon is a multirole jet fighter aircraft originally developed by General Dynamics for the United States Air Force. Designed as a lightweight, daytime Visual Flight Rules (VFR) fighter, it evolved into a successful multirole aircraft. The Falcon's versatility is a paramount reason it has proven a success on the export market, having been selected to serve in the air forces of 25 nations.

F-18 meaning

Charlie Sheen's fighter plane of choice that most of the time--including naps--he claims to be when destroying you in the air, or deploying his ordnance to the ground.

F-18 Hornet meaning

noun The F-18 Hornet is widelt used by the United States Military. Mainly in the Navy, and Marines. The F-18 is a multi-role attack fighter jet. Twin engine. Very manuverable, and has one of the utmost feared wepoanry systems.

F1 Blessing meaning

When religious leaders from various faiths come together annually to pray for the Singapore Grand Prix and to bless the Formula One night race.

F1 Buddy meaning

The annoying little paper-clip that pops up while using a Microsoft Office program. It can also be summoned manually using the F1 key.