F4 meaning and definition

F4 meaning

a button on the keyboard in between F3 and F5. when button is pressed at the same time with the "alt" key windows on the screen go away really fast.

F4 meaning

A crying face on the game "Maplestory"

F4 meaning

One less of f5.

F4 meaning

In Natural-Selection (HL-modification) the F4 key when pressed, takes you out of the game and into the ReadyRoom, where you can choose to join a team or just jump about. When one team is getting completely wiped out, Some players may call out for the others to "F4!" as a way to end the game early, and sometimes, to deny the opposing team a victory.

F4 meaning

Four fat guys from this company in Plaza Mont Kiara, Malaysia.

F4 meaning

F4 International Inc. is a company on the fast track of success. Its members are the best and brightest, destined to lead the world in film, music, art, technology, space exploration, the culinary arts, beauty, hand to hand combat, and pornography. F4 also stands for "Freakin' Friday Film Fest" an event that originated when the members when in high school. Each Friday, one member hosts two movies for the viewing pleasure of the other members. Board games, food especially frito pie, and humorous commentary are also welcome additions to the event. The group known as F4 Inc. was originally formed in Decatur, IL. but also boasts an international member in Germany.

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f40ph meaning

The General Motors Electro-Motive Division model F40PH is a 3000 horsepower (2.2 MW) B-B diesel-electric locomotive intended for service on Amtrak's intercity lines, built from 1976 onwards. This locomotive is equipped with a turbocharged 645E3 16 cylinder, two-stroke, water-cooled "Vee" diesel engine (prime mover) that develops 3,000 tractive horsepower (2.2 MW) at maximum rpm. The main (traction) generator converts mechanical energy from the prime mover into electrical energy that is distributed through a high voltage cabinet to the traction motors. Each of the four traction motors are directly geared to a pair of driving wheels. The gear ratio of the traction motors to wheel axle determines the maximum operating speed of the locomotive; a standard F40PH has a gear ratio of 57:20 which provides a top speed of 103 mph (166 km/h). Introduction of the F40PH series was spurred as a replacement for the EMD SDP40F type, Amtrak's first series of locomotives built new for them since inception in 1971.

F40ph Friday meaning

What replaced Fur Friday at /b/

F-420 meaning

A grossly oversized civilian vehicle, owned by an individual as a status symbol. Named after the Ford F-Series, but actually refers to much larger vehicles. This can be something like an Escalade or a Hummer, but is usually represented by an enormous pickup with nothing in the bed. Not even an obnoxious chrome storage box that reflects sunlight directly into the eyes of other drivers. As the owner/driver generally has no actual need for a vehicle as large as this, he/she must have been high to think that they did. This theory is often exemplified by driver's inability to keep one within the confines of a lane.

F425OOU meaning

A shit car.

f45 meaning

Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States, and as such has been deemed 45 by people not wanting to use his name. Similar to the phrase f12, which means "Fuck the police," f45 means "Fuck Donald Trump."

F46 meaning

leet for fag

F46607 meaning

This is the word "faggot" typed in such a manner that it bypasses the onboard censor found in most internet BBS software.Also used by people who type the majority of their emails and other messages in "1337 5p34k" (elite speak).

F49 meaning

The word, "fag" when typed in attempt to bypass the inbuilt censors found in many online chat rooms, games, and BBS (forum) software.

f4900t meaning

Faggot, in l337 language

F49907 meaning

The hexadecimal color code for a shade of medium orange that is often associated with homosexuality. Seriously, orange? I'd think it'd be a nice bright shade of pink such as FD97E6.