F4E meaning and definition

F4E meaning

Friends for ever

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F4F meaning

"Food For Food"1.)A trade of ones food for someone elses food.2.)Can also be used in a way to mock "scene kids" with there PC4PC or W4W etc.3.) A very funny insider between friends. (:

f4fsouljah meaning

i am a cock smocking hacker. i like to suck the biggest dick which i can find (no not u Page yours is to small) and i cheat online and i lie and i suck and i cant diol and i 101/25000 and i am gay and i yer..

F4Fun meaning

Fuck For Fun, usually practiced by Fuck Buddies

f4g meaning

common internet slang for "faggot"

F4g0r meaning

Used by interne geeks to say "Faggot"

f4g1t meaning

the combination of "for real" and "legit" spelled in n00b ...the english version is ..."fagit" (long a sound)

f4g3t meaning

l33t version of faggot

f4gg07 meaning

Term for "faggot" but with fun little numbers!

F4hy meaning

N. Depressed nerd who hates other people.

f4 illustrator meaning

gun that killed the dinasours; can go through a stampede of elephants with ease; more powerfull than anything; made of a special aloy; burly; not intended for actual usage.