F-- meaning and definition

F-- meaning

1. Short for "fuck." 2. A shitty grade.

F-- meaning

fuck. May or may not be capitalized.

F-- meaning

1. the sixth letter of the alphabet, pronounced "eff" 2. A very very very very very bad grade, which usually prompts disciplinary actions by parents of young children. 3. the last letter in the slang acronym WTF, which is commonly used often by n00bs, or used occasionally by l33ts to indicate surprise, shock, or rejection towards something.

F-- meaning

A test grade which will shortly be followed by the bullshit of your parents.

F-- meaning

the letter F

F-- meaning

The chemical symbol of the element fluorine

F-- meaning

Commonly used at the beginning of words to imply that you are extra (whatever the word is).

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f0 meaning

A tornado with LIGHT DAMAGE: Some damage to chimneys, TV antennas, roof shingles displaced. Small branches broken on trees.

f00 meaning

A fool, sucker or chump.

f00b meaning

Someone who is new to or lacks knowledge about the successful US rock band Foo Fighters.

f00d meaning

l33t speak for Food. It is either used to describe the edible thing or said simply as an exclamation meaning one is going to get something to eat.

f00d4g3 meaning

An extra 1337 way of saying "food". As with the simpler term "f00d", it is either used to describe an edible thing or more often as an exclamation meaning one is going to get something to eat.

f00d d00d meaning

A phrase usually used in an Instant Messanger to let people know that you're going to get a bit to eat. It translates from 1337 speak to "food dude", the 0's being added for leetness.

f00fer meaning

an assmole whos called dirty f00fer

f00g meaning

stupid n00b / lamer

f00g330 meaning

orginated from oo burn in the early 21st century, when said in spanish would be "oo fuego" but when accidentally spelled wrong turned into fugeo ---> i.e. foo gee o or f00g330 usually meaning "O u got dissed yo".

f00k meaning

Obvious variation of one of the worst words in the english language?