F-250HD meaning and definition

F-250HD meaning

F-250HD - also known as GOD what else could describe it. It is known to send the life of other vehicles such as Rubicons straight to hell.The supreme being.

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F2BA meaning

This is a term used to describe FACE TO BOOB ACTION. I'm not too sure if people will need a description of that but just in case this means SOMEONE PUTS THERE FACE IN YOUR BOOBS/CLEAVIGAL AREA!! This can be annoying if trying to do other tasks such as driving and cooking, but not washing up.

F2C meaning

free to chat, Like in some chat program.

F2D meaning

a gay bisexual group in Poughkeepsie, NY of high school boys who love to get in touch with their feminine side. they like to over dress, spend alot of money (sorry girls), shave their eyebrows and underarms, and spends countless hours "getting ready" for the club, the prom, and school, and pretty much any other social gathering. F2D is currently expanding to other areas of the Mid. Hudson Valley, including Dutchess County, Putnam County, and Westchester County.

f2dfh2t meaning

fresh to death from head to toe

f2e meaning

Front End Engineer, a web developer specializing in HTML, CSS and javascript.

f2f meaning

Female to female, a lesbian.

F2FP meaning

Free to fucking play

F2GF meaning

Acronym for Fixin' to Get Fucked....another way of saying a girl is DTF, or down to fuck.

F2IK meaning

Fucked If I know (Same as FiiK, just spelled differently). Used to respond to a question where you don't know the answer or don't care.

F2k meaning

"f" to kick. Another name for the game Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. The object of the game is to press the f key kick stuff. Anything. If its alive kick it. If its inanimate kick it. Thus "f" to kick.