f1 meaning and definition

f1 meaning

Formula one. High speed races involving the most aerodynamic cars on the planet. Dominated by Ferrari for a long time. Also, The McLaren f1. A powerful supercar, that can turn (no, your crotch rockets can't do that properly, can they? ^_______^) and is not bought for racing against lame bikes that sell because of PROJECTED top speeds (the tomahawk would fall apart anyway) that cost 10% of the price.

f1 meaning

Short for "Formula One"; a high-speed car race event when deafening noise is at its all-time high, prompting radical environmentalists to declare a "Noise Pollution Day."

f1 meaning

The richest and most watched sport in the world. More technologically advanced than any other form of motorsport. Some idiots think they use ABS brakes, stability controls, turbo/superchargers, etc. which is not true. People who think this are usually American and are trying to talk up the likes of IRL and Nascar, both inferior to F1 in every area (Nascar drivers can't even do one race without crashing into each other...). There's also only two tyre suppliers (not 4 as some idiots have said here), Michelin (who are currently dominating the sport) and Bridgestone. Engine companies involved in F1 are Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota, Cosworth, Honda and Renault (Yamaha and Fiat are not involved, although Fiat does own Ferrari). The teams spend a combined total of over $3 billion on the development of the cars each year, and still make a profit from the sport.

f1 meaning

The function key F1. It really gets on my tits for some reason.

f1 meaning

- to pull a "fast one" - to quickly evacuate quickly -

f1 meaning

(1) Short for Formula One racing. (2) the only racing that truely can be called a sport.

f1 meaning

Fastes cars on the planet. either if your talkign about Formula one, or the idolized McLaren F1. Crotch rockets can go fast, but try pulling out of a powerslide at 200 MPH on a bike. or even try taking a hairpin turn on a race course on a superbike, while trying to keep pace with the F1.

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F10 meaning

The answer to any question asked on Counter-Strike Source. Also way to get rid of noobs Player 1: F10 for hackz <noob has left the game> <noob joins the game> <noob joins CTs> Noob: LOLZ WTF MAI CS CRESHED!

F100 meaning

With 100 "function" keys, this keyboard, thought non-existent, is believed to be the greatist keyboard in the universe!

F11 meaning

To experience audio/visual entertainment on the biggest and loudest equipment possible (e.g., IMAX theater, surround sound).

F-117 meaning

The stealth fighter. Looks different from the stealth bomber because it is a different generation of stealth. Itis in survice with the United States Air Force. It only flys at night and nope you cant see it on radar or even at night also cant hear it u know why it flys to high. Yeeeeeaaaaaaa we defiently have the best equipment Eurupe your planes SUCK.

F-117A Nighthawk meaning

the F-117A Nighthawk is a stealth Bomber used by the U.S.A.F ( United States Air Force ). contrary to popular belief that it will retire in late 2007/early 2008, the U.S.A.F. announced it will be expected to serve for alot longer. possibly 2010-2015.