f2m meaning and definition

f2m meaning

1. Technically stands for Female to Male AKA "FTM". 2. Describes someone born w/ a Female physical form who feels they are actually male & were born into the wrong body. 3. A person that may or may not choose to physically transition into a Male through the following: use of Male hormones (Testosterone aka "T"), binding breasts, chest reconstruction surgery, "packing" of an artificial penis, surgery to create more male like genitalia (metoidioplasty, phalloplasty, Centurion, hysterectomy, vaginectomy, salpingo-oophectomy, scrotoplasty, urethroplasty, testicular prostheses). 4. A person born w/ a female body who appears male and lives as a male. FTM's Often have their birth certificate and other I.d. changed to reflect their desired gender. 5. Transsexual, transgender, gender-bender, FTM, Female-To-Male, Trans, Tranny

f2m meaning

1.Technical term to describe the procedure of the removal of female breasts and sculpting the clitoris to resemble the male penis. Female to male. 2.A way to describe a girl that looks like a guy.

f2m meaning

1. Short for Female To Male 2. A male that was a female before undergoing a "F2M" surgery that consisted of an addition of an extra appendage and removal of her mammary gland 3. Derogatory term to females or males; unsure whether they are female or male because they look so fugly

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f2p meaning

Acronym: Fist To Palm The combination of the Props Fist and the High Five, after a notable comment or event.

F2 Spree meaning

Popularized by the website "Chatroulette.com," this phrase is derived from the website feature that lets you instantly change the person you are talking to and selecting another random Chatroulett-er by pressing F2 on your keyboard. While many people visit the website to chat, others blithely waltz along seeking nudity and obscene things. These people press F2 at such an exorbitant rate, that they often find themselves accidentally skipping over the people that they intend to interact with.

f2t meaning

Free to talk. Instant messaging shortcut

f2u meaning

An ancronym for Fuck to You.

F2W meaning

F2W means "Fight To Win", but someone can use it as "Fuck twice a Week"...