f4900t meaning and definition

f4900t meaning

Faggot, in l337 language

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F49907 meaning

The hexadecimal color code for a shade of medium orange that is often associated with homosexuality. Seriously, orange? I'd think it'd be a nice bright shade of pink such as FD97E6.

F4BF meaning


f4cking Pwned meaning

Death upon u in a nerdy matter BWA HA HA

F4D meaning

Femme for Dom. Used to describe a femme (feminine) woman seeking a relationship with a dom (dominant/aggressive) woman.

F4E meaning

Friends for ever

F4F meaning

"Food For Food"1.)A trade of ones food for someone elses food.2.)Can also be used in a way to mock "scene kids" with there PC4PC or W4W etc.3.) A very funny insider between friends. (:

f4fsouljah meaning

i am a cock smocking hacker. i like to suck the biggest dick which i can find (no not u Page yours is to small) and i cheat online and i lie and i suck and i cant diol and i 101/25000 and i am gay and i yer..

F4Fun meaning

Fuck For Fun, usually practiced by Fuck Buddies

f4g meaning

common internet slang for "faggot"

F4g0r meaning

Used by interne geeks to say "Faggot"