Godinez high meaning and definition

Godinez high meaning

A lezbian infested highschool. Where queers tend to paint their hair. Known as gaydinez is the dike magnet of santa ana full of stuck up bitches and bitch as guys. The only school tha has more girls in sports than guys

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godinka meaning

Randomly dissapearing at an unknown point of time for an unknown length of time.

Go dippy meaning

When you make your mate cum and their on their period and you dip your penis back in

Godipulate meaning

Godipulate: (v) The cessation of attempts to control circumstances through manipulation and the placement of problems in the hands of God. Godipulating, Godipulation (n).

God is a hippie meaning

A slogan of the neohippie movement.

God Is An Astronaut meaning

An irish post-rock band known for their instrumental music and kick-ass live light effects. They never sing, but occasionally moan.They are also known as "the band whose shit got stolen in the U.S."