g00d4 meaning and definition

g00d4 meaning

Synonymous with noob, g00d4 is usually used as a derogatory term in online gaming to imply ones general lack of skill. A person with an extremely low kill/death ratio for example, could be labelled "g00d4"

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g00g13 meaning

1337 speak word for Google. Much more nerd than most 1337 words.

g00k meaning

A g00k(unlike its racial counterpart Gook) is a term for a n00b trying desperately to become a Geek.It is thus the transitional stage of geekiness - from the technologically novice(or n00b) to the obsessed-with-technology fellow(or geek)

g00ndumb meaning

A term, popularized by a fansub group named Menclave, used to describe one's dislike towards the anime Mobile Suit Gundam 00. When used in the phrase "I am g00ndumb," a phrase used to mock a character in the show, the word is used to replace Gundam in the original quote.

g00nrey meaning

If you're looking at this, then you were just called a g00nrey. Being a g00nrey means you qualify for a specific sub-genre of internet tough guys (hackers) and nerdcore rapper. This word originated after the famous irc g00nrey, who was a major figure in the internet gang, g00ns. He was (allegedly) responsible for the take down of google.com and msn.com; and the resulting song about it which was anonymously posted on youtube.

g00ns meaning

g00ns are some kidz (that think that they are the only ones that need to use teamspeak and no one else but them!) However they keep pranking people and laughing on them, while the police or who ever incharge dont even bother to help us people that use teamspeak servers! Read the Use of an expert example below; (if still keeps going on i think some one needs to hire more of them rednecks around :P )