g00nrey meaning and definition

g00nrey meaning

If you're looking at this, then you were just called a g00nrey. Being a g00nrey means you qualify for a specific sub-genre of internet tough guys (hackers) and nerdcore rapper. This word originated after the famous irc g00nrey, who was a major figure in the internet gang, g00ns. He was (allegedly) responsible for the take down of google.com and msn.com; and the resulting song about it which was anonymously posted on youtube.

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g00ns meaning

g00ns are some kidz (that think that they are the only ones that need to use teamspeak and no one else but them!) However they keep pranking people and laughing on them, while the police or who ever incharge dont even bother to help us people that use teamspeak servers! Read the Use of an expert example below; (if still keeps going on i think some one needs to hire more of them rednecks around :P )

g00p meaning

g00p is the act of sucking someones toes

g00se meaning

g00se goose silly goose sillyi love you a lot.but onto better things. geese are often bred cages and brought up in ELEVATORS.

g00st meaning

(pron. ghoost) 1. Something really good 2. Rape/Raping something 3. Substitute for a swear word (within context) 4. Word to describe self-excitement

g00t meaning

G00t is like w00t or m00t but used to mean "good". It is pronounced "goot" almost as if it were a german word.

g0d meaning

The 1337 verson of God. Used like the word "Damn" as in im impressed.

G0d5 meaning

A guy who is often on anime chatsA well versed fellow who frequently shows Antithesis for stupidty and intelligence. He is a person who is apt for the phrase Idiot Savant

G0DL1K3 meaning

The awesomest and sexiest man alive.

g0d str pk0 meaning

The best pker in all of Runescape.this pker is known for his famouse "hit and run behind a tree so he can heal up and he doesnt get owned" style of pking.He has alot of enemies such as Ranging imp who killed g0d str pk0, this was g0d str pk0's whip and almost made him quit.Soon after he got his confidence back he went back to rs to find out he sucks at pking now because everyone has new pking style....He is now trying to move his way back to the top pking spot in runescape.

g0ml meaning

I Horrid,Smelly,Vomit inducing ''thing''