g11 meaning and definition

g11 meaning

A small daihatsu runabout. Quite offenseive to the eye and known to rather spritely from a rolling start.

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G11K2 meaning

A revolutionary weapon designed by Heckler & Koch in the 1980's for the West German military, the G11 is the most famous weapon to utilize caseless ammunition. Instead of the traditional method of placing gunpowder inside a brass casing, and then placing the bullet itself on top, H&K created a cartridge where the powder charge is simply formed into one solid block behind the bullet. The lack of a casing eliminates the extraction phase of operations, there by allowing the G11 to achieve rates of fire of 2000 rounds per minute on burst mode.

G11N meaning

Abbreviation for globalization, where 11 represents the number of characters between G and N.

G-13 meaning

The most powerful strain of marajuana ever concieved. It in fact is no myth, only in the aspect of it being "pure".It was part of a government research project done between the 1970s and 80s and the only reason it can be found on the streets today is because it leaked, but it was only a clone that made it out of the government labs and into the world, so it can only be crossbread in order to be reproduced. The most potent crossbread samples ever tested were found to have an amount of about 18-19% THC by weight(this is amazing!!!!). Its name has many rumors for the origin of it. For Example: G(Government)-13("M" 13th letter of the alphabet, for Marajuana), G(Grow room)-13. All other rumors for the name's origin are question to too much speculation, and therefore are not taken into account. It is of Afghani or "Indica" origin, but not an incredible amalgamation of many(It's true genetics are not known to me, and I dont think anyone else).

G13-Haze meaning

It's a type of marijauna, that has been crossed with G13 (govenmentally grown marijuana), and Haze.

g 14 meaning

Classified information. Need to know basis only.

G14 classified meaning

G14 is the General Service Administration number format for a Large Sedan, whom service Government Vehicles.

g18 meaning

To fapp (jerk off) constantly

g19 meaning

G19 is a Glock 19 compact 15rd 9mm very accurate and extremely reliable handgun. The order of Glocks in 9mm are G17 which is the full-sized and most common in the law enforcement world, G18 which is unavailable in the USA and is a select full-auto pistol, the G19 which is currently probably the most common Glock 9mm in the civilian market. It's compact frame and high magazine capacity makes it a dream intermediate round chambered pistol. The smallest of Glock's 9mm's is the G26 (subcompact). This small 10+1 capacity firearm is decent, but still heavy and bulky. 9mm is a lot of ppl's favorite round bc of manageable recoil, effectiveness, and reliability. ALL Glocks are loved for simplicity, accuracy, and ultimate reliability.

g1bf meaning

"Good one big fella"

G1 Junkie meaning

A person who is obsessed with Transformers G1, disliking all other series of Transformers in favor for the original series. Also known as a GEE-WUNNER.