G3A3 meaning and definition

G3A3 meaning

Assault rifle developed by Heckler & Koch. 20-round clip chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO. Said to be very accurate.

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g3g meaning

one more than g2g, the common phrase used on AOL to indicate that the person must leave (as in "got to go"). Except this is one better. Just like how the numbers go to eleven.

G3GM meaning

A 3rd generation A-body car, made by the General Motors company.

g3k meaning

Tumble_Weed's mamma.

g3k0 meaning

Water loving creatures who hail to the world of Buga.

g3rmz meaning

A renouned 21 Century Legend. Patron sanit of gamers and women with great breasts.

G3sus meaning

Pronounced "Gee-Sus", G3sus is the creme de la creme of computer programmers, especially I-Phone apps. You want an app to wipe for you - G3sus will have it done by noon. You want an app to land infinite women - it can and will happen when G3sus is on the job. Cure world hunger, make world peace, make you rich - and yes - even turn water into wine - G3sus can make a program or app to do it.

G3T R3KT M8 meaning

Used to express excitement when roasting someone.

g3y meaning

unique way of saying gay.

g4 meaning

A 24 hour gaming channel that was created in 2002. G4 stands for four generations of games: text, sprites, polygons, and textures. Or it could also stand for 4 different game platforms: personal computer, console, handheld, and arcade. Teleivision Programming was extremely mediocre until 2004 when the network was bought out by Comcast (Cable Provider) and combined with the 24 hour Technology Channel TechTV (formerly ZDTV). At that point all the employees of TechTV were fired and replaced with younger hipper nerds from G4.

g40 meaning

One of five "gangs" in GC. They do drugs at their home base called "the garage" and they beat up innocent kids.