H-4 meaning and definition

H-4 meaning

A widely accepted code that is undetectable by human resources or people easily offended by non politically correct comments made by immature people for homosexuals and people acting gay. The code is derived from HIV- simply broken down H-IV (Roman numeral 4) to H-4

H-4 meaning

A visa for a non-immigrant (someone who is not intending to be a permanent citizen of US) who is a dependent (mainly spouse) of a H1B visa holder (who are non-immigrant workers from a foriegn country. The most miserable visa for a spouse who is legally restricted to work or earn even a penny . You are fully dependent on your working H1b spouse for every dollar. You get jealous , feel miserable and helpless all the time seeing those greencard and lucky L2 visa holders especially the L2 people who are the spouses of L1 visa holders. The L2s get to work though they too are non-immigrants. But look at the positive side, you can study in any university, you automatically become a super cook in your kitchen as you have no other work to do sitting around. The best part is you get to spend a lot of time with your kids. Thats the only best part. You make good mothers that way.

H-4 meaning

The new Jeep Commander.

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H44 meaning

A new group of hackers tearing up the 'net. They are grey hats but if you get up on their bad side they will tear you up. We do not have morals and we dont care if your grandma just died.

h473 meaning

hate it's horrible, u should never use it. u outta say dislike heavyly of sumthing like that

h473r meaning

1. A person who doesn't like you. 2. Someone who talks about you. 3. Someone who dislikes you very greatly. 4. A person who h473$ you.

H473R5 meaning

H473R5 H4T3R5 or... Haters. This is just 4chan, or 1337speak (leet speak.) Leet}cool. The language of internet nerds. For people who play counter strike, anything on steam like half life source etc. Also for WOW world of warcraft. Black people have Ebonyx, Us internet nerds have 4chan or 1337speak.

H4AR meaning

An abbreviation of "home for a rest" one of the most famous songs from Spirit of the West, a Canadian band. It is dubbed by some as the theme song of Canada, and is played alongside Denis Leary's "Asshole", Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life", Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right to Party" and The Village People's "YMCA".