H1N1 meaning and definition

H1N1 meaning

Overreacting to something. Making a scene about something that is not as big as it really is.

H1N1 meaning

A fake disease the government made up so that people would freak out and spend a lot of money on fake vaccines

H1N1 meaning

H1N1 is the official Postal/Zip Code of the Swine and other Suidae species. Should not be mistaken with H1N1 virus as it is only a fiction created by the government to intimidate moronic Homo-Sapiens.

H1N1 meaning

It's simply the technical name (strand) of the Swine Flu. Instead of calling it the Swine Flu, the idiots at the CDC (Center for Disease Control) had to name it something to make it sound more extreme.Basically H1N1 (Swine Flu) is just like the ordinary flu, only lacks a vaccination. TamiFlu works fine on it.

H1N1 meaning

My hard one in your nice oneorMy hard one in your nasty one

H1N1 meaning

Used to describe something that's really sick (in a good way).Best when referring to a heavy dubstep tune.

H1N1 meaning

Meaning sick. In the way skaters say it.Not to be confused with people having shitty immune systems.

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H1N1 Flu meaning

a deadly flu molecule made of 1 Hydrogen cation and 1 Nitrogen anion created by really smart pigs

H1N1ing it meaning

to totally overreact! Like everybody over swine flu.

H1N1 vaccine meaning

The biggest public fear since crop circles. A 6 hour line up with a pain in your arm at the end. Possibly hidden population control. The best way to start a war and loose friends is by debating the validity of this vaccine on facebook, my-space, etc....

H1 N1ve meaning

The alternative to a Hi Five or handshake you use to prevent catching a disease during an epidemic.To deliever the H1 N1ve simply make a fist and make contact with the other person's fist in any fashion.

H1N666 meaning

The rock flu, symptoms maybe headaches from major head banging, blown out ear drums, dramatic increase of energy, can be very addictive

H1Q1 meaning

To hit it and quit it. The swine flu of one night stands.

H1SOFT1 meaning

A very contagious virus due to being a soft ass motherfucker, caused by acts of softness

h1t3m meaning

1) A hacker 2) A Bot Master 3) The owner of www.r00t-y0u.org

h1web meaning

What you say when saying hi using l33t sp34k to your web friends.

h1x0r meaning

A Hacker Who Is A Hick