H1Q1 meaning and definition

H1Q1 meaning

To hit it and quit it. The swine flu of one night stands.

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H1SOFT1 meaning

A very contagious virus due to being a soft ass motherfucker, caused by acts of softness

h1t3m meaning

1) A hacker 2) A Bot Master 3) The owner of www.r00t-y0u.org

h1web meaning

What you say when saying hi using l33t sp34k to your web friends.

h1x0r meaning

A Hacker Who Is A Hick

h1z1 meaning

A game where everybody drops from the sky with parachutes and it is basically The Hunger Games. Collect loot while gas surrounds the map.

H2 meaning

Massive car designed by General Motors, driven exclusively by men with penis insecurities or doctors' wives. Only gets 9 mpg, so they're basically fucked when oil starts running low and/or shooting up in price.

H20 meaning

The drug know as wet,water,a stick

H203 meaning

Nickname for Waterbury, CT

h209 meaning

a strong formula that sexually arouses animals and even one drop will attract ALOT!

H20hammer meaning

Often used for old Texan PIMPS, Who mostly trade online using virtual channels.