H2Bloagie meaning and definition

H2Bloagie meaning

the act of receiving a blow job while simultaneously eating a hoagie and being in a pool/body of water

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H2 blowjob meaning

An H2 BLOWJOB is a humming blowjob that does more than just get you hard, but, not enough to make you cum.

h2bro meaning

when a bro wants get water but is too used to "bro" to say water

H2BT meaning

Had to be there

h2btm meaning

Had 2 be there moment

h2bw meaning

Acronym for how to build websites.

H2CUS meaning

An acronym which means, Hope To See You Soon

H2D meaning

Hot to Death

h2 ending meaning

Means Halo 2 ending. For those who have not played Halo 2, the ending was anticlimactical, and no one liked, it ended horribly, and people cried. So something that has a h2 ending, means bad, bad ending.

H2Finally meaning

The ultimate modern age, "tough guy ain't afraid of love" counterpart to Shakespeare's classic character, Romeo (of "Romeo and Juliet") -- who will profess and defend (to the death), his true love for his trully beautiful wife. Short Form: H2F See Also: Romeo and Jack Dawson (Titanic)

H2G meaning

Honest to God