H2O meaning and definition

H2O meaning

Nước là một hợp chất hóa học của oxy và hidro, có công thức hóa học là H2O. Với các tính chất lí hóa đặc biệt (ví dụ như tính lưỡng cực, liên kết hiđrô và tính bất thường của khối lượng riêng) nước là một chất rất quan trọng trong nhiều ngành khoa học và trong đ� [..]

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AA meaning

The most commonly used type of battery

A_A meaning

a "very" happy face/smiley

AA-12 meaning

Probably one of the best shotgun in the world, But the worst gun in the video game "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2".

aa3 meaning

Often used abbreviation for the popular vertical jump training program called 'Air Alert 3'

Aa3dy meaning

A word which first originated in the middle east, (Arab Nations, Arabic) means that something or anything is normal or original, but in modern use of this word for north-American ARABS, now means that something is "sick", "ill", "cool", "chill"

aa8866 meaning

This hex code is known to be the most cancerous of all hex codes on Woozworld. If seen by this, little children will bully and haunt your dreams for it. (When usually the ones bullying the aa8866 are trash anyway) BASICALLY, aa8866 is a basic bitch color code, and if you wear it that's cool.. However, you might as well wear a sign on your forehead that says, "I could care less about fashion and I clearly got this from a bargain beex sale." Just don't go aa8866. If you or a loved one has went to aa8866 consult a doctor straight away.

aa9skillz meaning

AA9Skillz, often shortened to simply 'Skillz', is an American FIFA YouTuber of Portuguese descent. He has been known to play Minecraft, NBA 2K, Madden and other gaming franchises. There are reports of him practicing beastiality, these reports have not yet been confirmed.

AAA meaning

"Triple A." An identification describing the size of a battery.

AAAA meaning

Alcoholics Anonymously Abandoning Abstinence

AAAAA meaning

American Association Against Acronym Abuse