h0 meaning and definition

h0 meaning

Hang on. Computer slang for HO.

h0 meaning

expression, sign of shock, anger, or wonder

h0 meaning

The simplistic pimpshittedness of net-machines. Rule of the rule of the many by the few - #h0

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h00b meaning

contraction of hopeless and n00b therefore a n00b without a hope of success

h00bz0r meaning

1. Homeless man. 2. Hobo. see hobo

h00chi3 meaning

1.) A 'has-been' with an attitude problem. 2.) Goes from clan to clan trying to fit in (a clan whore). 3.) Is married to a pygmy. 4.) Constantly trying to be a Joolz wannabee.

h00j00 meaning

h00j00 is a multipurpose word, much like the fu-word. It was first used in the Demo of Ghost Recon.

h00r meaning

A whore, generally used in the language 1337.