h00r meaning and definition

h00r meaning

A whore, generally used in the language 1337.

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h00ray meaning

sublime sarcasm. hopeful cynicism. a subdued but noneoftheless grateful expression.

h00rj meaning

A term for excitment, a cheer, often used in internet gaming.

h00t meaning

a commonly used cheer in online multiplayer games after a big win

h04r meaning

Means Whore in 1337 language. Used a lot on IRC.

h0e meaning

a too friendly little tramp

h0ge meaning

adj. Anything that is really good, awesome, or just plain nice.

H0i meaning

The word is from undertale, THE GREATEST GAME EVER, usually said by temmies or tems from tem village, so its a way to say hi or hello.

h0m0 meaning

internet slang for homosexual

h0m053xu4l meaning

1337 for "homosexual." Used by the affluent 13375P33KR5 who choose not to utilize words like 6h3y and the ever-popular f667.

h0m3RsApleN meaning

a stupid internet nerd