H0i meaning and definition

H0i meaning

The word is from undertale, THE GREATEST GAME EVER, usually said by temmies or tems from tem village, so its a way to say hi or hello.

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h0m0 meaning

internet slang for homosexual

h0m053xu4l meaning

1337 for "homosexual." Used by the affluent 13375P33KR5 who choose not to utilize words like 6h3y and the ever-popular f667.

h0m3RsApleN meaning

a stupid internet nerd

h0msa meaning

An annoying person who goes into chat rooms and starts saying nonsense. His name is probably drived from " Homsar " from homestarrunner.com

h0nry meaning

'1337' for 'horny', meaning one who is horny, or feels sexually aroused.