h0m0 meaning and definition

h0m0 meaning

internet slang for homosexual

h0m0 meaning

Another commonly used IRC term for formy

h0m0 meaning


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h0m053xu4l meaning

1337 for "homosexual." Used by the affluent 13375P33KR5 who choose not to utilize words like 6h3y and the ever-popular f667.

h0m3RsApleN meaning

a stupid internet nerd

h0msa meaning

An annoying person who goes into chat rooms and starts saying nonsense. His name is probably drived from " Homsar " from homestarrunner.com

h0nry meaning

'1337' for 'horny', meaning one who is horny, or feels sexually aroused.

h0ok meaning

armless aim

h0r meaning

1337 for whore.

H0rn meaning

The best guy ever. Can own on any game atall. Hes a leet pwner at every game. simple as that

h0tcarl meaning

TrueStereotype's true love

h0ward meaning

someone who is imature, speeks l33t, and is 8 years old

h0x meaning

I more powerful version of h4x only capable by 1339 players