h1z1 meaning and definition

h1z1 meaning

A game where everybody drops from the sky with parachutes and it is basically The Hunger Games. Collect loot while gas surrounds the map.

h1z1 meaning

A new type of strain of the swine flu which can turn the person in to a zombie for two hours. This new virus was reported on the BBC news channel website.

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H2 meaning

Massive car designed by General Motors, driven exclusively by men with penis insecurities or doctors' wives. Only gets 9 mpg, so they're basically fucked when oil starts running low and/or shooting up in price.

H20 meaning

The drug know as wet,water,a stick

H203 meaning

Nickname for Waterbury, CT

h209 meaning

a strong formula that sexually arouses animals and even one drop will attract ALOT!

H20hammer meaning

Often used for old Texan PIMPS, Who mostly trade online using virtual channels.