h2btm meaning and definition

h2btm meaning

Had 2 be there moment

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h2bw meaning

Acronym for how to build websites.

H2CUS meaning

An acronym which means, Hope To See You Soon

H2D meaning

Hot to Death

h2 ending meaning

Means Halo 2 ending. For those who have not played Halo 2, the ending was anticlimactical, and no one liked, it ended horribly, and people cried. So something that has a h2 ending, means bad, bad ending.

H2Finally meaning

The ultimate modern age, "tough guy ain't afraid of love" counterpart to Shakespeare's classic character, Romeo (of "Romeo and Juliet") -- who will profess and defend (to the death), his true love for his trully beautiful wife. Short Form: H2F See Also: Romeo and Jack Dawson (Titanic)