H2K meaning and definition

H2K meaning

One who has extreme skill at paintball, very hard to eliminate, or as the letters and number symbolize "hard to kill". This term originated from the depths of paintball in the SO Mich.

H2K meaning

H2K stands for Hard 2 Kill. Also, it's a clothing line/design company created by Toledo, OH native, Carl Markowski, a professional paintball player. Although a lot of H2K gear got sold to fellow paintball players and whatnot, it's not JUST for paintballers.

H2K meaning

another name for keystone light because it nearly tastes like water

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h2l meaning

Verb, "to h2l", landlords looking to let a property quickly to good tenants.

h2luoud meaning

Had To Look Up On Urban Dictionary.For when your friends use acronyms, phrases, or letters that you don't understand, otherwise.

h2m meaning

See monthiversary. An acronym for Happy 2 Month.(anniversary) Used for couples who know that their relationship will not last any longer than that.

H2nO meaning

A small band started by a girl named Helena. The band writes their own music. You can find them on youtube.

H2O meaning

Leader of the Soo Crew; rapper wanna be who sucks balls.