H2orgasm meaning and definition

H2orgasm meaning

When you drink a glass/bottle/canister of nice cool water, it feels so good that you can't help but sit back in your chair and feel good.

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h2orowish meaning

Particularly corny, and with the slightest dash of melodramatic nerd.

H2O style meaning

Verb: 1. Dancing eroticly in the club with another dudes bitch, doing various exercises such as grabbing ass, feeling tits, and touching box.

H2OV meaning

A clear alcoholic liquor inside a water bottle to disguise it's true contents. (Usually filled with vodka)

h2p meaning

Acronym- Have to pee/Have to poo Commonly used in type based chat when a patron must leave to use the restroom.

H2SO4 meaning

The chemical name of sulphuric acid. Drinking can cause 3rd degree burns to the throat and other internal organs.