h33t meaning and definition

h33t meaning

The defination on the word "h33t" is a comon slang on the (World Wide Web) for "heat". Often used in computer related text/language.Some noobs also use it as a slang for the word "sweet" or "awsome" but it's not corect.h33t it also the name of a big bitorrent tracker on the internett.

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h33t tea meaning

h33t tea is mcdonalds sweet tea. 'sweet' is replaced by h33t to describe how awesome the sweet tea is. cuz its fuckin heat and unsweetend tea can get bent

H3 45 meaning

the amount of days of halo 3 that someone has, which is quite a lot, adding up to about 1080 hours of halo 3 in one year

h347 14x0r meaning

Derived from the term 1337 h4x0r and is used to define one as cool. Lacking in heat or cool.

h347 p4x0r meaning

"1337" or leet for heat packer....in other words one who is strong and can pack heat

h34n meaning

better than l33t but not 1337 h34n...goat bastid

h34t meaning

The '1337' word for 'heat'.

h3ctic meaning

Pronounced: "HEK TICK"1. A phrase used as slang to acknowledge a muzza with a particular focus upon individuals that regard their hair to be more important than family. The hair must contain radical differences in length, specifically the lower region of the heads rear to obtain a ratty (rat-tail)/mullet accompanied with a substantial fringe. These individuals tend to have a life focus on their mode of transport (such as VL Commodores, Calais and Turbo which are often low enough so that even entering a driveway becomes an issue).2. Can often be paired with the word 'beats' to describe a particular style of music associated with muzza's and their 'boiz'.3. It is often used to describe the events of ones night out clubbing, doing burnouts or cruising with 'DA Boiz'.

H3 DRE meaning

Stands for Halo 3 Disc Read Error. When you boot up your Halo 3 and all you get is a "Disc Read Error" message causing you to slam your head into a wall. After waiting for such a hyped up game you should be able to play with no problems.

h3h3 meaning

An expression, 13 yr old children use to show that they laugh about something or feel cool. It is also Leet-Speek

h3h3productions meaning

h3h3productions is an amazing Youtube channel run by the married couple Ethan and Hila Klein. They are best known for their reaction based content, such as their most popular reaction video, "Kissing Pranks -- h3h3 reaction video". They are also famous for their video, "VAPE NATION", a humorous video in which Ethan makes fun of the vape craze in society today. h3h3productions are the creators of many notable memes, such as Vape Nation and Ethan Bradberry. Ethan and Hila Klein also have a second channel, simply named Ethan and Hila. h3h3productions is all about the goofs, gaffs, laughs, and spoofs, meaning every video is just lighthearted fun. This couple is also good friends with Jontron and Filthy Frank. In addition to their youtube channels, Ethan and Hila have created FUPA, the Fair Use Protection Association. Ethan and Hila are truly some of the best youtubers out there, with their channel growing bigger and bigger every day. Papa Bless.