IADS meaning and definition

IADS meaning

"Individuals Above Dating Society" Used as the title of a group or club. Can also be used to refer to someone who is constantly single. (Singular: IAD Plural: IADS) Pronounced: I. A. D. S. ; ee-ah-ds/ee-ah-d

IADS meaning

An abbreviation for Irritated Ankle Disorder, alluded to in the 2007 film Disturbia; occurs when one is under house arrest and is forced to wear an ankle tracker.

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IAE meaning

IAE means I am epic or a short way of saying good and heroic.

iaebc meaning

it aint easy bein cheesy this was a cheetos brand commercial that ran with the slogan it aint easy bein cheesy

iaf meaning

Acronym for I am fucked.

IAFDA meaning

acronym for I'm A fucking Dumb Ass. I.A.F.D.A

iafi meaning

im a fucking idiot