I-69 meaning and definition

I-69 meaning

When you're sitting in rush hour traffic, making less than two inches of progress per hour, and you suddenly look at the girl in your passenger seat and make the sometimes, but not always, mutual decision to have sex in the back seat.

I-69 meaning

extremely dangerous rapper/hussler of the Goodells area. well known in the area for several smash underground hits. thought to have killed at least 13, 3 of which were state police.

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I-70 meaning

in Colorado an interstate that goes through the Rocky Mountains known for constant traffic for no real reason. Often used by people from out of state who don't understand what "slower traffic keep right" means and they will go 45-55 in the left lane refusing to get out of the way. Yes, the scenery is awesome but that doesnt mean you have to back up traffic for 2 miles. On bad days during summer and ski season it can take 3+ hours to drive about 60 miles. The liberals want to make it a toll way which would kill the skiing industry and other small businesses in the mountains. On the plains and western slope the speed limit is only 75, it should be more because there is literally nothing out there.

i707 meaning

After highschool freshemen overused LOL to the point that they actually say LOL when they laugh, non-freshman everywhere needed a new word that was not tainted. Since nothing created has worked well so far, we might as well flip "LOL!" around and upsidedown.

I-71 meaning

Going from the Cleveland Steamer directly to a Cincinnati Bowtie. It is a paid homage to the Interstate Highway that connects both cities.

i710 meaning

The most durable phone ever, made by nextel.

i8 meaning

Lazy way to say "aite", which is a lazy way to say "alright", which is a lazy way to reply back or stop a conversation. Really another example of how lazy people can be.

i80 meaning

Freeway IN CALIFORNIA, poongetsmehot!

i8086 meaning

See flyback, phlyback, darkbread.

i8t meaning

A word Denzel uses as a word to cover any word in the oxford dictionary.

I8tr meaning

A sexual way to eat out

i8u meaning

texting slang meaning "I hate you" because when you say I8U it sort of sounds like I hate you.